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Zion Jeep Tours was founded in 2003 to provide expert guided tours to the over 3 million visitors of Zion National park and its environs. The park, located in South Western USA near Utah, is a vast expanse of natural geographic features such as the Zion Canyon and the Navajo sandstone. This vastness allows for unique life zones that support diverse flora and fauna.
The average visitor to Zion National Park will never venture beyond the well-worn paths. Therefore, they never experience the park’s true but hidden treasures. To most, the pictures they see of Zion never become reality. For this, an experienced hand such as Zion Jeep Tours is needed.

What we offer

Different visitors have different motivations and expectations while visiting the park. To meet these varying needs, Zion Jeep Tours has designed different Safari packages. All these Safaris provide a fun and intimate experience of the park and its surroundings. These include:

Outback Safari

This safari covers south of the Virgin River, taking one through the Grafton and Gooseberry Mesa. Beginning from Springdale, the party heads into the parks rugged backcountry. Between March and October, the Outback Safari sets off at 9:45 every morning. Kindly confirm the November to February schedules prior to booking.
The Grafton ghost town site is the first stop along this trail. Our expert guides will provide an overview of the town’s history exploring the struggle that marked the attempts to settle in Southern Utah. A climb up to the Gooseberry Mesa will follow where panoramic views, rainbow colored rocks and wildlife are the main attractions.

“Mesa Vista” Safari

This is the most scenic and popular of our safari packages and focuses on the western side of Zion National Park. It begins at Springdale climbing through the bark country of the Kolob terrace. Zion’s spectacular Kaleidoscope of colored rock is on view as we traverse onto Smith Mesa or Hurricane Mesa. This tour takes 3 hours in the afternoon with different departure times depending on the time of the year.
At the Mesa’s edge is a spectacular viewing point that allows us to view 2500-foot cliffs as they reflect fiery pinks, purples and orange at sunset. Numerous sightings of Native American wall paintings and wildlife exist along the way occasioning several stops and photo opportunities.

Private Jeep Tour

From Springdale, one has a choice of touring the outback, the Mesa Vista section or both. Additionally, one may opt to explore the variety of public land back roads surrounding the park.
Given that it is a private tour, departure is at the convenience of the visitor. However, be aware that the tours operate within specific periods that vary depending on the time of the year. The safari takes a maximum of seven individuals and requires three hours to complete.

Grand Canyon Private Tour

This is for those in search of solitude to experience the attractions of the Grand Canyon. Nature in its raw and spectacular grandeur is on offer here. We will take one to the far reaches of the Arizona strip in the “Tuweep” section of the canyon. This is the rugged region bordering the Colorado River. Imagine peering on the edge of a 3000-foot precipice overlooking the Colorado River.
This tour begins in the morning and takes between 8 and 9 hours. It takes 3.5 hours to get us to the rim of the Grand Canyon. This tour is closed off from children due to its extreme nature. The minimum number of visitors allowed is two with a maximum of four. The tour is subject to road and weather conditions.

Jeep Helicopter Combo /”Zion 360”

This combines a private jeep tour of the back road and a helicopter flight around Zion National park. The tour is fully customized depending on your preference and time limits. Upon pick up, the jeep can take one for a tour of the outback through scenic routes on the way to the helicopter. A direct drive to the landing is also possible.
The flight can be a 180 or a full 360.One can fully customize the experience by selecting the sites to see with the 180. The helicopters are climate controlled, stable and with excellent noise cancelling headphones that allow for verbal communication. The pilot will hover at different sites to allow for photos.

Why Choose Us?

<style=”color:#c3512f;”>1. Get a 10% discount for booking two tours in the same day
2. Professional, courteous, adventurous, knowledgeable and experienced guides
3. Well maintained and customized jeeps and helicopters
4. Customized tours and exploration of the Zion National Park and its environs
5. Affordable but fun experiences
6. Prior booking
7. Pick up and drop off at customer designated points
If you are looking for an exciting intimate interaction with nature in all her glory, we will take you off the beaten path, showing you scenes unexplored and untouched all to take your breath away.CONTACT INFORMATION

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