Temple View RV Resort is a beautiful, well-maintained resort in St. George, Utah. Travelers who would like to see southern Utah’s national and state parks, like Zion, Bryce Canyon, Snow Canyon, and more, will find that Temple View RV Resort is the perfect central location to stay during their trip.

Temple View’s Camping Sites

Campers in recreational vehicles, tents, popups, and other camping accommodations will find the perfect site at Temple View RV Resort. The many available sites offer guests plenty of space and privacy to experience the best camping trip available in southern Utah.

RV Sites 
Whether visitors are looking for a pull through site or a standard site, Temple View RV Resort can accommodate RVs up to 45 feet. The sites include a comfortable outdoor space, complete with picnic table, for travelers to gather and spend time together. Each site includes access to the many campsite extras, which are listed below, as well as the resort’s many amenities. Temple View RV Resort has taken every effort to make sure campers in RVs have an unforgettable vacation.

Tent Sites 
Those who prefer to travel in tents or other smaller accommodations will love the tent sites at Temple View. The sites are spacious enough for a large tent and a vehicle. They include all the campsite extras and access to the resort’s amenities that are listed below. Visitors who are staying in tents won’t have to compromise comfort at Temple View.

Campsite Extras

Each site features some extras that will add to the comfort and enjoyment of staying at Temple View RV Resort. These extras are designed to make every visitor’s stay at Temple View as comfortable as possible. Guests will find real value in these extras that set this RV resort apart from many others.

Each site has 30/50 AMP hookups, with some sites having an available 20/30/50 AMP hookup. Campers can simply plug into the on-site receptacle and receive all the modern convenience of electricity.

Though many RVs come equipped with bathrooms, it is nice to be able to take a long, hot shower without worrying about water tank levels. Therefore, Temple View RV Resort has beautiful, clean, and spacious bathrooms located across the resort. These bathrooms are well maintained and have spacious showers, perfect for washing off the day and starting fresh.

Though disconnecting from the world during a vacation can be very beneficial, being able to connect to the internet during a trip is sometimes necessary. Whether visitors need to catch up on work, share pictures of their journey, or just stay connected with loved ones, Temple View RV Resort keeps all their visitors connected to the web. Across the resort, including at the campsites, guests will be able to connect to Temple View’s wireless internet, making a stay at this resort as convenient as can be.

Cable TV
At the end of a long day, many people choose to watch television to unwind. Guests who stay at Temple View RV Resort won’t have to give up their favorite pastime while they are camping. Cable TV hookups are available at each site, so all guests need is a television that can connect to cable. Guests can stay on top of current events with news channels, avoid missing their favorite shows while traveling, and make their campsite feel a little more like home with this convenient extra.

Amenities at Temple View

When looking for lodging options in the St. George area, it will be hard to find a resort that offers so many incredible amenities. Guests will have the opportunity to relax and unwind with the many available facilities throughout the resort. These amenities will also allow guests to meet other visitors and, perhaps, forge lifelong friendships with like-minded travelers. After staying at Temple View RV Resort, guests will never want to stay anywhere else.

Pool and Jacuzzi
Located on the grounds and surrounded by a privacy fence and vegetation, a gorgeous in-ground pool and jacuzzi are available for guests to enjoy. The pool is perfect for families to spend some time together and cool off, especially during the hot St. George summers. The jacuzzi is ideal for relaxing muscles after a long day of strenuous outdoor adventures. Whether taking a dip in the pool or the jacuzzi, guests will never want to leave the comfort of the Temple View pool area.

Fitness Center
Strict workout regimens won’t be derailed while visiting Temple View RV Resort. The on-site fitness center is equipped with all the most popular workout equipment, such as cardio machines and weights, so guests can stay in shape while on vacation.

Outdoor Activities
Outdoor games, like shuffleboard and horseshoes, are available for all guests who are staying at Temple View. Visitors can play against their family or meet other travelers while engaging in some friendly competition. These outdoor activities are a wonderful way to stay active while having a little downtime.

Indoor Recreation
When the weather is poor, or guests just want to spend some time indoors, Temple View RV Resort has the perfect indoor recreation area. Guests can play a game of pool, relax on the comfortable furniture in the lounge area, watch television, or have some family time. The indoor area is the perfect place to spend some time and meet other travelers.

Laundry Room
Doing laundry while traveling can be very difficult, or downright impossible. With Temple View RV Resort, guests will be able to do their laundry with ease. The laundry room features multiple top-of-the-line washers and dryers, irons, and other essential laundry equipment. Guests won’t have to deal with the hassle of dirty laundry and running out of clothes when they stay at Temple View.

Exciting Adventures Near Temple View RV Resort

People travel to the St. George area for many different reasons. Just a short drive from the resort will take guests to many different areas where tons of adventures await. No matter which adventures guests plan on having while staying at Temple View, they are sure to have the vacation of a lifetime.

Zion National Park
One of the most popular parks in the United States, Zion National Park is the perfect place for active guests to hike, bike, and explore the incredible red rock landscape.

Snow Canyon State Park
Visitors can hike, bike and horseback ride through the many trails in Snow Canyon State Park. This park is less crowded than more popular parks in the area, so guests will be able to have a serene outdoor experience.

The City of St. George
St. George is the seventh largest city in Utah and has many exciting places for guests to see. There are historical sites, restaurants, museums, and many small businesses that will make visitors feel like they are in a big metropolitan area.

Enjoy a Luxurious Stay at Temple View RV Resort

When looking for a place to stay while traveling in an RV in southern Utah, visitors have quite a few choices. While many of these choices may provide a comfortable stay, none of them can compete with the incredible experience that Temple View RV Resort provides. From their incredible sites to their countless amenities, Temple View RV Resort will greet each visitor with a warm welcome and make them feel at home during their stay.